An Easter Story

A Family of Rabbits

A Family of Rabbits by Alfred Richardson Barber
One year, right before Easter, I fell into the "Ohh sooo cute" trap as the kids and I passed a pet store in the mall. Of course leave it to kids and their logic, it went something like this: "Since we can't have a dog, then AT LEAST let us have a bunny!" ~ I caved in.

After consulting with a teenager sales clerk (mistake #1) I was told that these are miniature bunnies. This was followed by (mistake #2) they don't need much ~

Well, let me tell you these bunnies as cute as they were in the beginning became my sole responsibility. First just bringing them home alienated my husband for about a week, since we broke the cardinal rule of "no pets allowed". Then it soon became apparent that the small cage we bought won't do and I had to wear my carpenter's hat and built them a suitable home. Of course nurturing mother that I am, we only bought the best and turned the bunnies into giants! They kept on growing and growing and started to kick, if they didn't like me disturbing them.

I did enjoy putting the two bunnies on cat leashes, watching them hop around the back yard, while I cleaned :), but they soon became too much to handle.

Eventually through a friend I found someone who raises bunnies and as I told my then very young son, that the bunnies had to go, I kept assuring him that they are going to get married to have more babies so other children can enjoy them as much as we did! He,he, he ~ my evil laughter ....

Learn and be forewarned! :)

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