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Have you ever noticed that when people mention cats there seem to be two distinct groups of people. Either they are absolute cat lovers, or the sheer thought about cats has the person break out in allergies. Yet, the house cat has made itself a pet of choice for many women, especially middle-aged divorces, widows or single ladies.  I find it interesting that you often hear that someone is a cat lady, yet I don't think I ever heard men being labeled as cat hoarders. Have you ever wondered why so many women can not resist owning cats?! 

Is it because cats are independent and fearless? Sometimes cuddly and sometimes distant, sometimes all lovely dovey and other times an absolute beast?Are these the traits that we women like? 


I suppose if you belong to those who always seek harmony in relationships the idea of every now and then showing your claws is something that could feel empowering. There is no cat on this planet that could be considered a push over. After all, if a cat feels  threatened or does not want to do something, it will not only show you claws, but smack and hiss at you as well just to remind you who the boss is around this place. 

Buddah Cat by Modern Artisans

Buddah Cat by Modern Artisans

As ferocious as a unhappy cat can be, they love to have a calm and relaxed settings. The soft, content purr of a cat is often an assurance how comfortable this living creature is in it's surroundings and with us. Females are protective of their homes and often aim to create a zen type environment. Just like a cat we need our homes to reflect calm and comfort in order to feel happy and content and of course need a no fuss companion to share our space with. 


Cats make no fuss. Unlike dogs who need to be taken for walks  and who just can not be left alone for more than a couple of hours, a cat knows how to entertain itself when you are not there and is very content with a bit of solitude.

Caring for cats is easy as well. By nature they are very clean and know how to take care of themselves. They do not beg or whine as long as they are provided with food and water. They are not loud or clumsy and don't chew up anything in sight. They know how to behave!

For people who are going through a stressful phase in their lives or who live alone, or are dealing with depression a feline companion is just the right pet. 

“It’s interesting to see that more and more single people are discovering the comfort and satisfaction that owning a pet can offer. Pets are powerful, positive influences on our lives, offering unique emotional, psychological and physical health benefits to their owners,” ”
— says Dr. Douglas Aspros, president of the AVMA

Studies have also found that:

  • Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets.
  • People with pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets.
  • Playing with a pet can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax.
  • Pet owners have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels (indicators of heart disease) than those without pets.
  • Heart attack patients with pets survive longer than those without.
  • Pet owners over age 65 make 30 percent fewer visits to their doctors than those without pets. Source: HelpGuide


I think one of the main reasons that women like cats is that we not only admire their traits, but we know that we have a loving companion who is also easy to care for. For those in the work force, knowing that your cat can entertain itself and not feel lonely is one less thing to have to worry about. 

Why do you like owning a cat or cats? What were the reasons that you chose a cat over any other pet?

Design Toscano Playful Cat Stretching Statue

Design Toscano Playful Cat Stretching Statue

cats paintings for sale

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