A little Peck

A little Peck

I am organizing my Flickr account and keep finding these older photos of my adventures with creatures, big and small. While in Puerto Vallarta my daughter and I decided to live on the wild side and swim with Sea Lions.


Honestly, the closest I have ever come to a sea lion before was either looking at them sun themselves at the San Fransisco Pier or on the nature channel. So when the boat pulled up and we were greeted by a roar, I thought "wau" these creatures are pretty big. Unease and second thoughts crept in, but one look at my daughter who was beside herself with joy, just meant "what the heck!"

And it was great!!! Everyone jumped into a pool and Gorda the sea lion came to greet each and everyone. Then on a command by the trainer's whistle Gorda and us brave souls were moved around the pool for the experience of a life time.

I also have to point out that safety rules are not quiet the same in Mexico as in the US, which meant that things could have gone ooh so wrong - but they didn't and we talked about this experience non stop ever since!

The Smiling Gorda
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