Peacock Plume


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"The male peafowl, or peacock, has long been known for and valued for its brilliant tail feathers. The bright spots on it are known as "eyes", and inspired the Greek myth that Hera placed the hundred eyes of her slain giant Argus on the tail of her favorite bird."

Source: Osvaldo Zoom

The Peacock's Feather by Enzie Shahmiri

"The Peacock's Feather" by Enzie Shahmiri

Oil on Panel ~ 6 x 6 in



In Persian decorative arts the motif of two peacocks, one on each side of the Tree of Life, is a well-known feature. A pair of peacocks stands for the "psychic duality of man" similar to the role played by the Gemini in western astrology, says Cirlot (A Dictionary of Symbols.)

Well no Garden of Paradise is complete without this majestic bird, so I decided to feature it in form of a playful and whimsical feather.


Sash´s Kitchen-Studio Photography

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