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I want to thank everyone who has signed up to follow my weekly newsletter in July. I had eight new email subscribers, numbered them in no particular order and entered the numbers in a random number generator. Number 2, belonged to Anais Marie - congratulations!

I will be emailing the winner to give her the good news and will be asking her to send me a reference photo of her loved one, she likes to have painted for the 16x20 in free digital portrait. I am excited to see who I get to paint next!


I have been thinking about how to thank my current subscribers and reward them with the same super offer. First I thought I do another drawing at the end of the year, but there are several hundred readers and to be honest numbering each and every one was a bit of a daunting task. So, I came up with a better plan! - You can enter in the drawing for the next month by simply leaving a comment on the blog on this page  . Simply write "COUNT ME IN" and I will add your name to the list of new Subscribers. 


You are welcome to enter each month and of course can invite friends and family members to enter as well. However only one email address will count towards the random drawing. 


Throughout the year all my readers will get to see the new portraits being painted via my blog posts that are send out in the weekly newsletter. I would love it if you pop in and leave a comment on the blog to let me know what you think. This is a great way for you to see what is possible with a custom painted portrait, since a portrait can be painted in many styles. I am sometimes asked to paint very modern looking pieces like "Charlie's Portrait" for example, which is full of bold and colorful brush strokes. Hard to believe this is a digital portrait isn't it?

Well I am off to let Anais Marie know that she has won ! :) I am looking forward to see who I get to paint next. Person or pet?!

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