Little Fisherman


I had a lot of fun painting this portrait, because I was told to put my imagination to work and make something out of a photo that was a favorite, but not at all suitable for framing. 


The angle of the seated boy was all wrong since the photo was taken from above. He had red eyes and the cord and hose of the vacuum were all wrapped around him. So first I started by fixing the angle and getting rid of the red eyes. Then I removed the hose and the cord and was left with a hand that was at an odd angle and in need of holding something. After consulting with the client, I learned that the family vacationed often at a lake and that the little boy loved to be at the pier to fish with his favorite fishing rod, which happened to be this toy. Well, that's all I needed to create a lake side setting. Below are some detail shots of the painting.


This child has such blue eyes that they just sparkle. I usually do not like painting teeth, but in this case leaving them a bit on the blurry side seemed to work. 


Adding special things, like a favorite toy to the portrait are touches that make a portrait really personal. If you like to learn more about commissioning your own portrait contact me


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