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© All images courtesy of AlgaNet


Sea Urchin

You have won !

Who would have thought that you could turn seaweed into such beautiful art?

Alga Net has been doing this for over 10 years and has it down to a science.

How you can win these lovely cards below:

Blog Giveaway for April

© All images courtesy of AlgaNet

1. Head on over to

Alga Net at Etsy

2. Pick your favorite item (not giveaway or interview items)

3. Come back here and leave a comment telling us which item(s) you liked best

4. Make sure you leave a comment so we have a way to contact you

5. Please only one entry per person!

This Giveaway is now over!

Here is what she had to say about herself and her work:

My giveaway is not prints but collages handmade with REAL pressed seaweeds. They include 1 trading card size 3,5x2,5 inches, called "Swallows" inspired of one of my oversized

original work plus 5 miniatures single seaweeds titled with scientific name, each miniature measuring 2x2 inches.

I was born in a French Atlantic town, living for a long time on sunny Mediterranean Spanish coast, I have always been involved with the marine nature. My two hobbies are




For more than 10 years I have been collecting, preserving and pressing seaweeds, based on traditional methods of botany but also improving my own technique to press and avoid fading with around 150 different species of algae, tiny ones and giant kelps.


I need 4 different steps to make up my seaweed collages. First collecting on beaches, specially in spring and autumn after storms. It is fun even if sometimes you don't find any.

Then the process of cleaning, pressing the seaweeds is arduous and somehow boring work but the results make you very happy.


To create my compositions, I need motivation and inspiration and I do not fix the seaweeds until I have a special “feeling” telling me that combination of forms and colors correspond to the definitive collage.

Fixing the whole artwork is very delicate and meticulous. I use glue and brushes.

Green, brown and red seaweeds offer a marine festival of natural forms and colors and turning seaweeds into art is my daily challenge. Results can be seen through my exclusive works: scientific pressings, vintage compositions, herbarium, bookmarks and multi-panel collages. Every design is different and constitutes an original model even if the same species of seaweed are used.


I have done numerous exhibitions, attended craft fairs in France and Spain and prepared wall displays for schools or museums.

My shop

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