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Well hello there! I am Enzie Shahmiri the creator and voice behind Notably Wonderful . Notably Wonderful is a lifestyle blog that has evolved from a blog about sharing my artwork with art enthusiasm to sharing everything that is well, quite frankly Notably Wonderful!

I am married and the mom of two very talented kids and live in southern California, where I work as a professional portrait artist. Our family loves to travel and discover new places, new foods and new gadgets. I love to share our latest discoveries with friends and family and have found that my blog is the best tool to document all my great finds in one place. 

Since Notably Wonderful is a family lifestyle blog, it allows me the freedom to write about various interests and topics that are close to my heart. I am an artist, philanthropist, gardener, cook, decorator, health nut, pet lover, fashionista. I am always after the latest trends and on the lookout for gadgets that make life efficient. As Notably Wonderful grows in popularity, so does the interest on being featured on the blog. However, everything has to be checked out by me personally or it won't be featured on the blog.

In 2014 I decided to pair my love for shopping with doing product reviews. Whenever possible I ask to try out the products before I share my honest opinion about the items I review. I have to admit that I am having way too much fun sharing all these undiscovered finds with friends and family!

This is the Notably Wonderful Mantra, so you know what to expect…

1. I try everything out myself so that you can fully trust my opinions. On the occasions that I am asked to cover an event or write about a  location where I have not been to yet, I have to rely on old fashioned research and will tell you what I think about it. Of course if you all voice your opinion that you need me to cover these places in person - do a shout out for airline tickets and 4 star accommodations. I do travel in style - so don't expect me to take the train!

2. I don’t write advertorial. This means I will never accept payment to write about something I don’t believe in.

3. I accept tickets to free shows, festivals, restaurants, events etc with the purpose of reviewing or publicising them on Notably Wonderful. Nothing is close-by in California and there is a lot of travel time and expense involved to cover events or visit places.  For event coverage, restaurants & cafe and hotel reviews get in touch via email or via twitter @enzieshahmiri to figure out how to get me there. 

4. I’ll never write a bad review. I’m not into trashing people, brands or companies. But if you’re not good enough, I won’t write about you on Notably Wonderful, regardless of whether I have been paid for the experience or not. This gives me the editorial control I need and the trust that my readers demand.

If you like to be featured or advertise on Notably Wonderful please look at the Media Kit.

In a nutshell blog topics on "Notably Wonderful" are as varied as my interests are. 

I hope you love my blog and become a subscriber. Please tell your friends about me, and sign up for my weekly newsletter to be delivered to your inbox!


“Life is just too grand and full of notably wonderful things! ”
— Enzie



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