Grocery Tote - Eat Healthy stay Fit Bag

Large Grocery Tote

Have you been to the grocery store recently? I went today, super early at 750am and encountered a long line in front of Trader Joe's. I could not believe my eyes! As I was standing in line, being socially responsible 6 feet away from the person in front and behind, I kept looking on as the line grew and grew. Ones the doors opened it looked like the crowds you get around Thanksgiving~

Line infront of Trader Joes


But I am digressing because since I have fresh produce on my mind today, I wanted to share my super cute grocery tote that features a Broccoli with an important message of "Eat Healthy Stay Fit".

You can haul your belongings in style! Available in 5 sizes (Budget Tote, Grocery Tote, Tiny Tote, Jumbo Tote, and  Impulse Tote) to fit all your lugging needs, these bags are made of 100% natural material and some can be customized with your favorite text for the perfect gift or casual accessory. Versatile, trendy, and durable, this custom tote means you'll always look fashionable! The Totes are on sale ~ 15% off with code MARCHLOVEZAZ

Grocery Tote 

 If you end up getting one let me know how you like it by leaving me a comment below. 

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