Wishing all my Persian Friends a Happy Norouz

The 1st day of Spring announces the arrival of the Persian New Year ~ Norouz. Norouz mean new day and marks the start of Spring and a new year. It is celebrated not only in Iran, but also in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey. It is a very old custom to celebrate Norouz which dates back to the ancient Mesopotamian civilization and the Persian Empire.

Haft Sin

Eide Schoma Mobarak!

~ Happy Norouz Everyone ~

Haft Sin Table

Families and friends visit each other and gather around a Haft-seen or Haft-sinn, tables set with special traditional foods and items which symbolize different things. All of them begin with the sound of the letter "S" — Seeb - apple; Sabze - green grass or Sabzeh - wheat or lentil sprouts; Serke - vinager; Samanoo - a paste made out of wheat; Senjed - a berry native to the region; Sekke - a coin; and Seer - garlic.

Goldfish at Haft Sin
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