Weinacht's Markt

The Weinacht's Markt or Christmas Market in Salzwedel was an interesting mix of booths in which you could buy drinks and foods and a few original handcrafted gingerbread hearts.

salzwedel_markt4.jpg salzwedel_markt.jpg salzwedel_markt2.jpg

Fish Wagon

This was a wagon that had a huge smoker built right into it, which was fueled by dry wood. I was told that these are used to smoke the fish while the owners are on the road. I guess being a fair participant can be liked to the life a gypsy would lead. You travel to where the work is, thus self sufficiency is very important.

I did see a rather vintage looking carousel though and hope that the photos turned out well.




The rest had a fair atmosphere and I ended up being rather disappointed, since I was expecting more traditional handcrafted Christmas objects. I did take some photos of an old carousel though, which had some very vintage looking vehicles on it. I think this carousel must be a remnant of the East German era.


Old Trolley