hershey kisses tin can

Vintage Tin Can Collecting

Hersheys Kisses Tin Can

Vintage tea and coffee tin cans are often very pretty. Some have such lovely designs that it almost feels unappreciative to throw them away. I think that's why many people like collecting them. I like to separate my different types of loose teas that came shipped in plastic bags or use them to store cookies.  Tin cans can be highly decorated with intricate designs, retro looking or have advertisements on them. 

tin can with pug

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Tin cans are also great to desk supplies, loose change, hair ribbons and evens sewing supplies. If I have a pretty tin can that can, I might even use it as a gift bag to hide a special little gift for someone. The list of things to store in vintage tin cans is endless. Next time when you are at a flea market keep a look out for some pretty vintage tin cans. 

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