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Tiffany lamps are often brought to the Antique Roadshow TV program and I am always amazed how well they have kept their value over the years. 

Dragon Fly Lamp

Dragon Fly Lamp

The classic, timeless quality stained glass designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany are very desirable by collectors and increasingly harder and harder to find. They have been known to sell at auctions for over $100,000 dollars. 

Today many artisans still recreate the Tiffany look from rare gemstones, with the added bonus that they are now lead free, however the prices can still be out of the range of some people. However the good news is that the look can now be achieved through mass production as well. Recently while browsing through Lamps Plus, I spotted this Dragonfly table lamp and just loved the green and red glow emanating from the lit lamp. The glass looks like sparkling jewels and is just mesmerizing! Now there are so many designs and color options available that it can get pretty hard to choose one favorite. Styles vary from Tiffany style table lamps, to floor lamps, pendant ceiling lamps, flush-mounted ceiling lamps and even backlit gemstone wall art and not to forget custom made mosaic wall art.

Louis Comfort Tiffany Masterworks By Camilla de la Bédoyère

Louis Comfort Tiffany started his career as a painter and at age 24 set out to try glassmaking. In 1855, Tiffany started his own glass making firm to produce his patented opalescent window glass, which at the time was a new way of incorporating color pigment right into the glass, rather than painting on top of glass.  This new technique allowed for a multitude of beautiful hues and a three-dimensional effect to the glass pieces.  Tiffany had to fight against the age old ways of producing stained or colored glass, but as history has shown was successful into bringing his new way of creating stained glass to the market. This reminds me of how traditional oil painters snuff at digital artist, yet I have to say that Louis Comfort Tiffany was a man who understood the principles of supply and demand. As an artist he saw that being involved in every stage of his creations was a necessity, from the initial concept, to design and finally production, yet he also knew that in order to fulfill orders and be profitable he had to speed up the process. 

Tiffany always believed that nature should be the inspiration for all of his designs and that's why many of his pieces are adorned with botanical motives. Of course over time, as fashion trends changed so did some of the designs and that's why you see Art Nouveau and Craftsman styles represented as well. 

If you like to learn more about Louis Comfort Tiffany visit the Morse Museum in Winterpark, Florida or to see more Tiffany inspired lamp designs just step into a Lamps Plus showroom in your area. 

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