Cow Painting

The Painting of the Farm Animals is Finished

Farm Animals

The Farm painting with it's many animals is finished. After many hours of working on this painting, all the details are in place. Now all that is left is to put a protective varnish on the painting. 

The painting started out from different photo references. 

collage of photos for a painting

After all the animals were in place the actual painting started with a loose block in of colors. 

house painting

The tree in front of the house was challenging to paint. I created it with many dabs of light grey, greens, browns, blacks, white and even yellow. The idea was to see through the branches and get glimpses of the building. 

cow painting

My favorite part of the painting is the cow. There was very little detail visible in the face and I kept building it up with color and texture. 

deer and dog painting

The other animals were added in as well. I took close-ups of the painting, so the details can be better seen. 

The final varnish will bring out all the colors even further and as soon as my client give the go ahead this painting can be finished up. 

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