The Fuersten Procession at Stallhof

The Fuersten Procession at Stallhof

Fuersten Stallhof Mural in Dresden

The Stallhof was originally built between 1586 until 1588. Badly damaged during World War II this biggest porcelain painting of the world shows (almost) all Saxon princesses and kings on their horses and splendid parade uniforms. It leads to the "Stallhof" - the last preserved tournament place contained in a European castle.

Fuersten Procession Stallhof Mural

When I looked at the skilled representation of animals and people I was amazed at how beautiful the renditions were.

The detail of the Fuerstenzug, Procession of Prince, mural on the wall of the Stallhof is reminiscent of an Albrecht Dürer drawing this beautiful work stretches an entire block and is a true feast for the eye. The amount of detail in this huge wall mural is amazing.

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