The Benefits of Reading

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Reading a book is one of the best pastimes one can have. It allows us to escape our dreary everyday life and travel to the world of fantasy.

Here are some reasons why you should grab a book to read:

1. Broaden your vocabulary

Reading is a wonderful way to learn new words. The more you come across a new word, you tend to remember in what context the word was used. If you say the new word out loud, these words are remembered even better.

2. Reading helps with writing

In a study conducted by The University of California, it was discovered that the more people read, the more their writing style was influenced by what they tended to read. For example, if you were to read several of Jane Austin's novel, you would unconsciously pick up the writing style of the author.  This, in turn, would help acquire faster writing skills. 

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3. Reading reduced stress

To escape the daily stress, grab a book. By slowing down and concentrating on a good book, your heart rate soon slows down and you will start to relax.

4. Reading leads to more creativity

When you escape to a fictional environment you start to see the settings and characters in your mind's eye. As you get involved in the characters lives you learn how to deal with various situations in ways that you might not have been exposed to before.  This leads to new creative ways of thinking.

5. Reading helps you to concentrate

Throughout the day we are bombarded with text messages, tweets, status updates, news flashes, etc.. The narrative of a book requires the full attention of the reader, thereby forcing the reader to focus on one subject for a longer time. 

6. Reading helps with falling asleep

Many of us tend to go to bed still mulling over the events of the day, keeping us from falling asleep. When you go to bed and reach for a book, however, the act of reading not only tires out your eyes but the routine itself signals the winding down of the day. It's a wonderful way to relax and then drift off to sleep.

7. Reading can prevent Alzheimer's

Studies have shown that people who often deal with complex mental tasks in their lives and constantly challenge their brains continue to be mentally fit as they get older. Through regular reading and the continuous intake of new information, the brain is optimally challenged and the memory is trained so that it continues to function well in old age.

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