ComfiLife Premium Comfort Seat Cushion with Non-Slip Orthopedic Memory Foam for Back Pain Relief


The superior Coccyx Support Seat Cushion for Lower Back Pain is a new ergonomic seat cushion design that offers better back support when you are seated. Sitting for long hours is bad for your back and for those of us suffering from back pain can cause sciatica pain. Pain that shoots down your legs and hips, making sitting, standing and even lying down uncomfortable. This foam seat is contoured and has a coccyx cutout. It also has an elevated back arch and tapered lower front which helps to keep your coccyx and sacrum in its proper position.

comfilife seat in my studio

Since I have been sitting on these type of seat cushions my back has not been aching as much as it used to. I believe that the adjusted tilt of the seat assists with the spinal alignment and thereby reduces the pain associated from prolonged sitting with bad posture. The cushion comes in gray and has a breathable mesh plus a zipper so you can remove the cover and wash it when needed. It also has a non-slip rubber backing so that the seat stays in place when you sit on it. This seat cushion by ComfiLife can be used while sitting on an office chair, in the car, on a plane and even on a wheelchair and can help with Coccyx tailbone lumbar support and Lower Back Pain Relief. It's considered an Orthopedic Seat Cushion, which can reduces Sciatica Pain and increases circulation. Available via Amazon 


I purchased this item at a discounted price for review purposes, since I suffer from back pain and feel that it helps a great deal when sitting for long periods of time.
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