Spooky Decor

Table Top

I love to decorate and Halloween has been one of those occasions that just bring out the kid in me. So what would be more suitable for a portrait artist than to hide a few surprises among the many paintings already hanging around.


When you walk past this innocent looking child, the image turns into a ghoulish looking, rather spooky looking kid.  I loved this idea so much I ordered a couple more. One of them is in a hallway and scared my son as he walked by. 

I happened to be there and just saw how he stopped mid stride and walked back to have a closer look. He noticed something was off, and the look of his face was priceless. When he saw me he just smiled and shook his head. Yes, we all know Mom is a bit loony, but Halloween is all about having some fun, isn't it?!  If you like some of these not so charming photos to add to your Haunted Memories you can click on the link.



Skulls are used by artists to remind them about the bone structure of the face and come in ever so handy when making a decorating statement in October! But they also pop up in many paintings and have a rather interesting Symbolism associated with it.