Skiing at Solitude, Utah

Two ski bunnies

Two ski bunnies

Today it's raining in southern California and I wish it would be snowing instead. You see, over Thanksgiving I went skiing in Utah and had so much fun. There is nothing prettier than a landscaped decked out all in white.  After 15 years not being anywhere near the ski slopes, I finally could not resist the calling of the mountains and went skiing again. 


Here is a photo of my daughter and I looking like such pros! Yup, helmets make you look like an egg head - but better to be safe than sorry! :)

My daughter is getting a pretty good handle on snow boarding and I decided to stick to skiing. Somehow falling on my hind side over and over just did not sound like fun. 

I am posting a short video clip that my daughter captured of me and hope it shows, otherwise just click on the Instagram link. 


I am looking for ladies who like to go up to Big Bear for skiing. The slopes are much shorter than the ones in Solitude, but it's better than no skiing at all. If you are interested look me up on my Facebook page . Maybe if we get a car full of skiiers we can all go up and have fun skiing. 

Some goodies I found related to skiing on Etsy

Some goodies I found related to skiing on Etsy


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