Seed Starting Mixture

Newly Sprouted Seedlings Postcard
Newly Sprouted Seedlings Postcard
by Pretty_World

Getting a head start on planting means getting your seeds started indoors. In order to give seeds the best environment to thrive in, choosing the right soil is a must.


1 part sterilized compost

1 part sand, vermiculite

1 part peat moss


4 qt shredded sphagnum peat moss

4 quarts vermiculite

1 tbsp superphosphate

2 tbsp ground limestone


1 quart sphagnum peat moss

1 quart vermiculite

1 quart perlite

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Seedling Care

Once you have planted the seeds according to the instructions on the packet, cover them with plastic and place them in a warm spot so that the seeds can germinate. 

Once the seeds have sprouted, remove the plastic covering and allow air to circulate around the plants. At this point, the seedlings need a lot of light (min 12hrs a day). If you see that the plants look long and thin, that means that they need more light. For best results place the seeds in a location such as a south-facing window that receives sunlight through the day.

Mist the seedlings daily. You can feed the seedling every two weeks with a weak fertilizer solution. 

Thin out seedlings that grow to close to each other. Choose the weaker/smaller one and either pinch it back or remove it by lifting it gently out with a spoon. You can then transplant that seedling to a new container. 

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