Seal 7

Seal's New Album Entitled 7

Seal Album 7

If you like love songs, my heart is broken type of songs, then this album is for you. Love songs like "Crazy" and "Kiss from a Rose" are some favorites and track after track this Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum singer and songwriter explores the many facets of love.


“The album concerns the most sung about, most talked about, and most documented emotion—love,” he affirms. “I tried to capture all of the wonderfully different dynamics of love, whether it’s the anger, the acceptance, the bliss, the sadness, the elation, or the recklessness. It’s this emotion and the ways it makes us feel. It’s about the extreme joy
and the extreme regret as well as all of the crazy things love makes us do.
— Seal
7 $11.99 By Seal

I have always enjoyed listening to Seal's voice. To me, he is the male version of Sade, if that makes any sense. I like his smooth tone and I thought it lends itself very well to the theme of this album. What do you think?

“I participated in the 7 album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided an album to review but all opinions are my own.”
— Enzie
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