Raffia Wreath


I had these two very rustic looking wreaths that have seen better days and I wanted to spruce them up for this fall project. My house is rather large and every time I want to decorate it's always in a set of two, otherwise things just seem to get visually lost.


I had seen this beautiful colored Raffia and wanted to incorporate at it in my rustic wreath. These are sold at the

Micheals Craft Store

 in packages of 6 colors.


Once package of this colored Raffia and scissors for cutting it up was plenty to make two wreaths.


Before I knew it the table was piled up with a wonderful explosion of color. I separated each strand and kept folding it in half until a desired length was achieved that was suitable to tie around the branches. 

I alternated colors and even left some strands longer or shorter, depending on how it was complimenting the overall look. 


My two lion heads then received their fall accessories which made my outdoor space look season appropriate. 


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