Portrait of Two Miniature Golden Doodles

Portrait of Two Miniature Golden Doodles

Two Miniature Golden Doodles

These dogs (Jersey and Garden) are kind of cream-colored and they are brother and sister miniature golden Doodles. I will be painting them without the harness and with a backdrop of greenery. 

golden doodles loose block in

I have started to put down the colors very loosely and will be working on defining more details one dog at a time. Both dogs are light and the trick will be to punch up the colors in the head to make the cute faces pop. In the reference photo, one of the dogs was squinting and I suggested to open up that eye.

painting in progress

More and more color gets added to  establish the form and to work towards giving the pet a shape.

The Christmas rush is on and I have a lot of orders to fulfill and a lot of painting to do. Will post another update soon.