Picking Cornflowers Custom Child Portrait

Picking Cornflowers

Picking Cornflowers Child Portrait

"Picking Cornflowers" Portrait of a Young Girl

This child portrait is called "Picking Cornflowers" since the little girl painted here is holding cornflowers she has just picked from a field. Painted from a photograph the same backdrop was used and painterly recreated. Here are some more of the work in progress shots.

Picking Cornflowers Wip 3

Work in Progress 3

Here I have added the greenery in long strokes. I wanted to push the tall grass back and just hint at it, so that the focus stays on the foreground.

Picking Cornflowers Wip2

Work in Progress 2

Here the colors are roughly put in before even more color is added.

Picking Cornflowers Wip1

Work in Progress 1

Early stages of the painting. Below are the original reference photo and the finished painting. 

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Picking Cornflowers before and after

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