Oil Painting had it's Roots in the East!

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Earliest Oil Paintings

Archaeologists analyze oil paintings found in the caves in Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley.

Bamyan, Bamyan Province, Afghanistan Postcard
Bamyan, Bamyan Province, Afghanistan Postcard
by HTMimages

The oldest known oil painting, dating from 650 A.D., has been found in caves in Afghanistan's Bamiyan Valley, according to a team of Japanese, European and U.S. scientists.
The discovery reverses a common perception that the oil painting, considered a typically Western art, originated in Europe, where the earliest examples date to the early 12th century A.D.
UNESCO - World Heritage List Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley - AFGHANISTAN
"We discovered that a particular group of caves were painted with oil painting technique, using perhaps walnut and poppy seed drying oils. They also have multi-layered structure as if they were like canvas paintings of Medieval period," Taniguchi said.

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