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writing in notebook After a long back and forth, I have decided to share all my blog posts in one place. To be honest, I can only write so much about every dog and cat portrait I paint and I have bored myself with that topic. I have so many things that I create or that inspire or that are just share-worthy and have housed them in what amounts to 6 blogs! It's high time to consolidate all this work into one newsletter and have my readers have a larger insight into my creative world.

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So what's to come, you ask? Well, there will be posts on recipes - I love to cook and bake as you soon will notice. Maybe we can swap recipes?! There will be posts about gardening. I have a large garden and try very hard to home grow healthy veggies and amazing blooms. Maybe you can share how you tackle your garden chores! Repurposing and DIY craft projects are taking up a good chunk of the little free time that is left, but let's face it they are fun. And of course more about the paintings and new products that are offered in the store section of my website. I hope that you will enjoy the new format. Feel free to have your friends subscribe. Every Newsletter subscriber has a chance to win a free portrait painted by me.

colored pencils