My client left me such a nice review

My client left me such a nice review

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My client left me such a nice review. I am trying very hard to sell more through my own website, rather than paying fees to 3rd party sides for every portrait order that is routed through them. As a new customer, I can see that it might be a bit risky to determine which site or artist for that matter is a reputable business. That is why each of these reviews makes a world of difference to a small business like mine. 

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I have been thinking how I can ask all of my previous clients to leave me a review on my website and figured I offer each person who has purchased from me in the past, a custom digitally painted 8x10 in portrait of a loved one. This is also a great way to share the benefits of gifting a digital portrait with my clients. So, if you have purchased a custom painted portrait from me in the past, head over to and send me a photo for your portrait through the contact form. I will send you the link to the portrait I have painted for you so you can leave a review for me on that page. As soon as that is done, I will start working on your painting.


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