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Nature Whispers Your Name

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Last weekend I spend some time in Utah and drove around the areas surrounding Park City. Away from the California heat, the cool air was a refreshing change and allowed me to take a deep breath and inhale some cool mountain air. I had forgotten how much I love being out in rural areas, away from the usual city and suburb noises.


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Gallivanting Girl

Looking across fields that stretched for miles into all directions my mind settled in with the rhythm of the wind as it flew across the plains. Nature had whispered my name and told me to settle down and take in all the splendor. I was in a very happy place, content and smiling – taking in all that surrounded me. Free from daily stress all that would cross my mind was the upcoming wedding of my daughter.




I went on long nature walks and started to gather interesting objects. I wanted to use them in a nature inspired art project. The Sundance Resort where we were staying offers Pottery classes and I was intrigued to give it a try. Clay and found objects just beckon to be joined….




Well, the feather idea did not work, but I used a lot of interestingly colored rocks, which were turned at the potter’s wheel into a contemporary candle holder. The resort will ship the candle holder to my daughter once it’s fired and glazed. My daughter and her husband love the out doors and I thought combining some nature finds from the area where their wedding took place might be just the thing. I know I have promised to share wedding pictures and tomorrow I will start sharing them. Make sure to check back and see a very unusual, wonderful wedding.


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