Mumzy the 1st Crowdfunding Platform for Moms

MUMZY allows Moms to be Entrepreneurs 

MUMZY allows Moms to be Entrepreneurs 

Are you a mom with a great idea? Do you wish you could get more support to get your idea off the ground? Well stop wishing and have a peek at MUMZY.

 MUMZY is where Moms bring their ideas from wishful thinking to actual taking action to get funding, help and support to turn their ideas into reality. 

The minute I heard about the site I had to check it out. The site just launched in early December and targets mom's looking to raise funds for their projects.  The team on MUMZY also helps mommy entrepreneurs to  map out  the next steps necessary to find resources to launch their ideas. 

Best of all - the first 100 people who post a project to MUMZY will have a chance to win $1,000 back towards their project's funding goal!

When my kids were little, I too had great ideas of things that I thought would be top sellers if only had the time and money to get the concept turned into reality. What has always stopped me were complicated sites that took too long to navigate through. Let's face it, time is very precious and when it comes to tending to a crying baby or posting your new idea on some site, you can image who wins every time. 

Founder of MUMZY Catherine Merritt

Founder of MUMZY Catherine Merritt

The founder of MUMZY, Catherine Merritt, is a mom herself and says that when she had her oldest son, Teddy, she also had her first mom-inspired invention (and it was a great one!).  But with a lack of resources and funding options, her idea never took off. It did, however, pave the path for MUMZY™.

Catherine believes she is solving one of the biggest problems for moms. By creating a rich, engaged, resourceful site and community to help all moms turn their brilliant ideas into realities, she is confident MUMZY™ will prove what she already knows: moms with great ideas and the support of other moms is not something to take lightly.

So how does it work, you ask?

Start by visiting the MUMZY website and registering. 

Take a moment and look around at other people's post to get an idea of how to create your own layout. 

I recommend taking some notes first before filling out any forms. The longest a project can live on MUMZY is 90 days, so you don't want to waste time tweaking and correcting your uploaded project. 

You will  need to provide:

1. A  project name

2. A mission statement - what you want to accomplish (raise funds for a new design, raise funds for a charity, etc. )

3. Provide a Youtube video

4. Have 3-4 photos representing your project

5. Set a fundraising goal

6. Let them know how long you like the project to run. 

7. Have a Paypal account in place to receive the project funds if the goal was met. 

Once you have your core information in place, all you need to do is tell the folks at MUMZY a bit of information about you and your idea and they'll take care of the rest. Your project idea has to get approved, so sit back and start dreaming about your project finally taking off the ground. 

Once your project has reached its goal amount, then when the project duration is over, you'll receive the amount you were able to raise, minus a 5% service charge that goes back to MUMZY.

If your project does not meet its goal, you will not get funded and need to rethink your campaign. The nice thing is that you can have up to three campaigns in a year, so there is always another chance at success. 

I love to hear if you have a project idea that you can't wait to get off the ground. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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