Make A Cute Travel Pillow for Kids


When my kids were young I always kept pillows in the car, especially when I know driving time would exceed an hour. However our pillows were never as cute as these! I spotted this DIY craft project on ISSUU Tickle the Imagination


The instructions for the travel pillows are easy enough and offer a great incentive to finally do something with all those left over scraps of fabrics you might have lying around at home.  I would actually even put some dried lavender in my pillows for an added fresh scent and if you are very crafty you could even stitch your child's name somewhere on the pillow. 


I really like how they look and love that there is a pillow for boys as well. I hope you enjoyed this little share and I love to see how your travel pillow looks, so please comment and I come take and take a look. 

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