Leaf Tracing - A Fall DIY Project


The leaves are turning color and I just love walking the trails at this time of year. This  reminded me of a fun DIY project that I had saved in my projects folder. 


For this project gather up some leaves that have a nice texture. Flat ones work best, but if you need to you can use your favorite leave and press it under  heavy book until it flattens out. To get leaves to flatten out you need to wait about a week. 

Place a leaf under light weight art paper and use the side of a crayon or a colored pencil to slightly rub over the paper and the leaf. The leaf veins and shape should transfer and you can repeat the process until your paper is filled. 


I thought using this technique for gift wrap is a clever idea. Possibilities are endless and it's a fun project to do with kids as well.

Have fun!

Credits: Original idea was spotted in 1999

Martha Stewart Magazine