If My Mom Was Here


My mom lives in Germany and we speak every week via Skype, yet I often wished she were closer. If my mom was here, I could just pop in and take her away at a whims notice, to share something newly found, or just to sit and chat with her.


I would get us some ice cream and listen as she would tell me that I should have ordered the kids size for myself. Why put on extra pounds after all this walking?!


As we would walk hand in hand, (well me more trying to keep her from falling) through rows of ranunculus, I would listen as she would tell me how I should grow them in my garden and get rid of those half dead things I call flowers.  


Then we would both look at all the beautiful flowers - for a about a second in quiet before mom would be telling me that she is starting to melt under this California sun. I would roll my eyes and guide her back to the car. 


I would also buy her some flowers and watch her face light up and brace myself for another lecture about not wasting money on cut flowers, since they die too fast! I would just smile and on the way back to the car tell her ....

that her granddaughter doesn't eat just any ice cream, she is a health nut and skinny as a twig. I would say she hates roses and just uprooted all of them - who does that?! I would say I froze my butt off in Salt Lake City and prefer melting over freezing any day .... Do you see a pattern emerging? 

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I always thought I would be soooo different from my mom, yet I do the same things to my kids. I question how they do things, offer unsolicited advice and yup - nag. Mom's nag because we don't understand new ways of doing things and because we want only the best for our loved ones. I wish my mom was here nagging why I am posting pictures of myself and sharing stuff about our family- she would say that some things should just stay private. I would tell her absolutely while hitting publish and get up to give her a bear hug :)

Love you MOM :)

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