How to Make a Frozen Ice Bowl using Flowers


I love roses and when I discovered a tutorial on how to make a frozen ice bowl using flowers in Wohnen und Garten, I had to save and share it with you. This iced rose bowl not only prevents the ice cream or sherbet from melting but makes for a beautiful dessert center piece. 


Best yet the supply list is rather short. All you need is a two glass bowls , water, a few roses and leaves.



1.Place the roses, rose petals and leaves in a bowl and arrange them by placing ice cubes around them to hold in place.

2. Place a second smaller bowl on top and carefully add cold water.

3. Your arrangement might shift a bit, but using anything long  and thin like a knitting needle or shish kabob stick will be great to move things into their proper place.

4. Freeze for 24 hrs

5. When ready to use let some tepid water run over the outside of the frozen bowl, then tip it over a glass plate and start adding your ice cream.

6. The frozen bowl should last 1 to 2 hours at room temperature. 

Don't you think this frozen ice bowl looks pretty? Besides roses you can use pretty much any flower or leaves. Have you ever made an ice bowl before and what did you use to fill it? I can't wait to try this out this year and my next summer party. 

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