How to be more Comfortable on a Long Flight

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Anyone who has flown in Economy for more than 3 hours can attest that airplane seats are not made for comfort. That's why it is important to make yourself as comfortable as possible on a long flight by following a  few tricks. I have flown all over the world and have found ways to make long flights bearable and even pleasant. 

1. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Regardless if it's a short or long flight, our bodies tend to swell from sitting too long and the last thing you want is for your circulation to get cut off due to ill-fitting clothing or shoes. I don't subscribe to the pajama look but recommend fabrics that stretch and items that do not have tight waistbands.  Select bras without underwire, underwear that fits loose, go for socks instead of pantyhose, choose semi flat shoes that you can quickly slip in and out from. I also highly recommend layering. If you have had to ever run through a terminal in a wool sweater or got stuck for over an hour sitting on a runway, you might know why I recommend layering. Layering allows you to stay warm when needed or to shed unneeded clothing when it gets too toasty. 

2. Drink Lots of Water

Hydration cannot be emphasized enough. Stay away from caffeinated drinks and alcohol. They will dehydrate you more and if you have to have them then choose to drink those beverages when you know you are only an hour away from your destination. 

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3. Hydrate your Skin

The air in a plane leaves a lot to be desired. I swear either it feels to dry or the vents are blowing ice cold air. Use a good moisturizing cream and lip balm and your skin and lips will thank you. 

4. Bring a Healthy Snack

I pack trail mix and something like a Chia bar. Many flights charge for snacks and the selection is often anything, but healthy. Pack something healthy for when you need to recharge. Don't wait until your blood sugar drops, a healthy snack can do wonders. 

5. Entertainment

I used to bring a good book along, but ever since I can download audiobooks, I have opted to listen to a story instead of carrying around a heavy book.  Download your favorite book, music and even movie ahead of your flight. 

6. Bring an Inflatable Pillow

I swear by inflatable pillows and do not leave home without mine. Find one that is soft, memory foam works better than the ones you have to blow up. A soft neck support just makes the seat feel more comfortable and if you fall asleep nicely supports your head without giving you a neck strain. 

7. Bring a Sleeping Mask

A comfortable sleeping mask is great for sleeping without interruption. Lights turn on and off and some people just don't realize how loud they are. Select an eyemask that fully covers your eyes and fits nicely over your nose. I use the Contoured Sleep Mask by Dream Essentials.

Contoured Sleep Mask

8. Pack Earplugs or a Noise Cancellation Headset

Earplugs work well, Noise Cancellation Headsets work even better. Bose still makes the best Noise Cancellation Headsets on the market. They take away the drone of the engine, chatty passengers, and crying babies. If you forgot to pack the headset then always keep well fitting earplugs with your pillow. This way you can at least dampen the unwanted noise. 

9. Get a Foot Rest

I have been looking high and low for something where I can rest my foot on and finally found this footrest made by available via Amazon


A footrest improves leg circulation during longer flights. When choosing a footrest look for one, where you can adjust the strap. The strap needs to attach easily to your tray tablet and come down enough so that your feet have ample room to hang in the hammock. Your footrest should not be too bukly and easily stored. Thist footrest has an adjustable strap from 17" to 32" and is made of breathable fabric that easily folds up and can be stored in its own carrying pouch that can be attached to your luggage. I suffer from back pain and can't wait to use the footrest on my next flight.

 pravette footrest

* This is a sponsored post in exchange for trying out and reviewing the Pravette Travel Footrest. All opinions are my own.

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