How to apply Magnetic Eyelashes

How to apply Magnetic Eyelashes

magnetic lashes by websun

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Applying magnetic eye lashes is so much easier than applying lashes with glue. The guide shows step by step how to hold the lashes in place so that the magnet can do it's magic and click the lashes in place.

how to apply magnetic lashes

This is my second pair of false lashes and I have to admit that I am hooked! I love the added volume and length you get within seconds. I also like that I can give my lashes some time off from heavy mascara applications. A bit of liner and the addition of these magnetic lashes and I am good to go. For a more natural look you can easily cut the lashes to your desired length, but proceed by cutting them down gradually to avoid cutting them too short. I purchased these lashes from  LUVAMI SWAROVSKI HEART EARRINGS

Product Details

- GENUINE SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL - Gorgeous blue spar

- HYPOALLERGENIC STAINLESS STEEL - Unlike traditional jewelry metals, such as gold, silver and even platinum, can elicit allergic reactions due to trace impurities in the metals or a person's allergy to the metal itself.

>Websun via Amazon The length and shape of these lashes is nice as well and there are two sets to use. The magnet is small and can not be seen once the lashes are in place.

magnets on lashes

The lashes are shipped in a nice storage container that protects them from getting lost or damaged.

magnetic lashes set

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