Gold leafed Chair

How to Apply Gold Leaf to a Chair

the gilding book

The Gilding Book is Available on Amazon

I love reusing old furniture and giving it a new life and today like to show you how easy it is to apply gold leaf to a chair. The perfect project to get ready for the busy winter holidays, this project will add some pizazz to furniture that has seen better days and can add as accent pieces for your holiday decor as well. 

Applying the gold leaf to old chairs is fairly simple, especially if you like to retain a bit of the vintage worn-in look. Gold Leaf is sold in very thin sheets and in paint form. 

gold leaf kit

Gold Leaf Kit

With this kit, you can achieve the look of real gold at an affordable price. There is enough leaf included to cover the surface of a lamp, frame, figurine, or any number of other projects.

This kit contains the following materials ( you might find you need two depending on the size of your chair)

  • 25 Sheets Composition Gold Leaf (5½" × 5½")
  • 2 oz Jar of Adhesive
  • 2 oz Jar of Sealer

You will also need:

  • Fine Sandpaper
  • A medium size paint brush
  • a soft large brush
  • a large sponge

gold leaf chair 

Supplies needed for Chair Gold Leaf Project

1. Start by wiping down the chair with a damp sponge to remove debris and dust. Use the fine sandpaper to slightly roughen up the surface so that the gold leaf can adhere properly. Make sure to sand down every nook and cranny. Once you start applying gold leaf there is no going back. Use the brush to remove the dust and wipe down the chair once more with a damp sponge. 

2. For the next step, it's best to work in sections. Start by applying the adhesive with a paintbrush on one area of the chair. I like to start with an area that people usually don't see right away to get familiar with whatever new tools I am using. If I mess up it won't be as noticeable.

3. The chair will not look very pretty quiet yet, but continue to work in sections applying the adhesive and the gold leaf.  Once the entire chair is covered, set it aside to allow the adhesive to dry overnight. In case you are wondering about the mess you just created all I can say is take a deep breath and walk away. Patience is the key for this project to be successful. 

4. Once the adhesive has dried softly brush off any parts that are not sticking to the chair. I like to hold a small glass jar close to collect the fallen pieces. If necessary, these can be used to patch up areas that need more coverage by going through step 1 through 4 again. However, if all looks good then you can proceed by applying the sealer. The sealer will protect the surface better and I usually apply a minimum of two or three coats depending on how much use the object will get.

I hope you liked today's little DIY project. I love to hear how you have used gold leaf on furniture. Here is a video I found On Blick Art Materials that you might find useful.


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