Fresh Tips Donates the Military and Military Families

Do you remember the blog post I wrote introducing you to "Fresh Tips" ? You know those cute little tooth cleaners? Well I just learned that the company is donating 1 Fresh -Tip for every 3 Fresh Tips purchased through their website and thought there is a great cause to support. Just use code "FREEDOM" 


I keep Fresh-Tips in my purse and have them with me at all times. I love the that each tip is individually wrapped to stay clean amongst god knows all he junk I have in my purse. Sending the tips to soldiers in the field is a genius idea. Those soldiers already have to carry around so much stuff that I seriously doubt any of them will be taking along floss, toothbrush and mouth rinse. Fresh Tips however is all those things packaged in one small gadget of sorts and can easily be carried around without adding bulk or weight. Did I say it was a genius idea?! I love it!