Fall Themed Garden Decor

pumpkin in flower bed

When the leaves of trees are slowly starting to drift to the ground and temperatures are cooling down, it signals the arrival of fall. It's a welcoming sight, because after the hot summer days, my garden looks totally spend of energy and is usually in need of a sprucing up for the coming season.

greeting card with pumpkins

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This fall themed greeting card of a pile of pumpkins is just so appropriate for this time of year, don't you think?! I have a large garden and filling it is not only a lot of work, but costly too.  A quick way to bring in both color and a seasonal fall theme is to look for ways to decorate by creating vignettes. 


Marigold Photo Print by KybritorKreations

It's a trick I learned from painting, which basically is a way to lead the eye of the observer though a pictorial space. Pretend you are a first time visitor to your own garden. What do you look at first? This would be the place you create your first vignette. A vignette can be  a grouping of flower pots, decor items like these wood pumpkins, a bench with a seasonal looking pillow, a pile of gourds and pumpkins, etc. . pumpkins made with wood

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Continue on your walk through the garden, always paying attention to where your sight is drawn to. That would be the next spot ideal for creating another grouping of interesting fall themed items.

welcome fall banner

Choose colors that are warm like orange, red, burgundy and pair them with colors like blues. By pairing warm colors with cool ones, you actually make the warm colors seem more vibrant. In areas where you have a lot of foliage consider adding a garden flag to introduce some color.pumpkin pillow 

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For color inspiration you can also look at images of landscapes. Get your color cues from nature, to see what appeals to your color preferences. 

fall landscape

Fall Golf poster by Naturama

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