End Genocide Now - Photoshoot

Stop Genocide. Protest Message. Poster
Stop Genocide. Protest Message. Poster
by super_cool


On Saturday, I got up at 6am, got ready and headed to Corona Del Mar to volunteer for the the "End Genocide Now!" campaign. It was a beautiful day and most my time was spent helping people register and asking them to sign a petition addressed to the future president to make the crisis in Darfur one of the top priorities. Of course, I also handed out tons of fliers for the "Sudanese Girl Painting Auction" and hope that people actually help spread the word.

After a short speech by Democratic Candidate Steve Young, it was time for for the photo shoot and lining up at the beach. There were a lot of volunteers eager to participate. Since the tide started to come in, people had to be rearranged on the sand a couple of times so they would not get wet. Eventually everything fell into place and the mission was successfully accomplished. The

Daily Pilot

covered the story. More photos should follow once they get posted on Living Ubuntu.

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