homemade gummy bears

Easy Homemade Jello Gummy Bear Recipe

homemade gummy bears


Making homemade Jello Gummy Bears is very easy. All you need for this recipe are three ingredients and an inexpensive silicone Gummy Bear mold. Today I am trying out a new silicone mold by Kitchen's son made of food grade, non stick silicone. 

What you will need

1 packet of Jello (any flavor as long as it is not sugar free)

1 TBSP Gelatin

3/4 cup cold water


  1. Pour your cold water into a glass container and slowly add the gelatin. This is called blooming and is basically adding the gelatin very slowly so it does not clump up. This is done to  ensure that the gelatin remains clear when you heat it up later. Stir well. 
  2. Place the mixture for about one minute on high in the microwave. The gelatin will look clear once it is heated.
  3. Add the jello powder to the hot water, stir it to mix the ingredients.
  4. Place your Jello mold on a small cutting board. It makes transporting the mold into the fridge much easier. 
  5. Pour the Jello into the mold and place it in the fridge for about 20 minutes or until the Jello sets. Once the Jello has set you can just peel them out of the mold and enjoy your homemade Jello Gummy Bears.

Refrigerate any uneaten gummy bears to enjoy later.

gummy bear mold

    Gummy bear molds by Kitchen's Son - This bpa free silicone mold is a fantastic candy maker for the party, friends and family

    The mold I have tried comes with two liquid droppers and is temperature resistant from -40C to 240 C. You get 100 small bears out of the 2 molds. I actually used a bit of cooking spray on my finger and greased out the mold. This made getting the bears out much easier. 


    male piglet doll 

    I also found this Youtube video how to make healthy gummy bears - these will be made next!

    So now we don't have to feel like little piglets when enjoying a handful of yummie treats!

    female piglet doll

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