hand sewn she bags

Cute Shoe Bags - DIY Project

handmade shoe bags

If you like to travel as much as I do, you probably always end up with more things you wished you could take but have to leave behind because there just is not enough space to squeeze it in a roll-away. However, there are some things that any girl can just not leave behind and those are our beloved shoes. This brings me to today's DIY project - drum roll please -  handmade shoe bags.

adorable handmade shoebags

I was going through some old magazines and spotted this DIY project of how to make handmade shoe bags. I love the idea, because often shoes that you have been trekking over god knows what end up cozying up right next to lingerie and your lovely outfits. Do I hear yuck?! I usually put my shoes in plastic bags, but they are kind of ugly and I like these bags much better. Anyhow, this is what you need to make them:


for one bag

14in x 20 in (finished piece measures about 9.5in x 12in) light linen fabric

small embroidery hoop

1 skein of embroidery yarn


tracing paper made for fabrics

39 inches of cord

1 pencil

1 embroidery needle

Paper to trace the pattern - butcher paper works great


1. After you purchase your linen fabric, I suggest you wash it in cold water. When dry iron it flat. This is done just to make sure that the fabric doesn't shrink later on when you need to wash the finished bags.

2. Enlarge the pattern of the shoe to about 5 inches and trace the shoe pattern onto your paper. Then write "Shoes" over or under your design. 

3. Fold your fabric and pick the spot where you like the shoe design to be. Trace the design onto your linen fabric (right side up) and place it on the embroidery hoop.

4. Select the color yarn you like and using a simple backstitch follow the outlines of the pattern.

5. When done turn over the fabric and fold it in half. Your nicely stitched design should be on the inside now. Line up the corners and sew the open end shut leave about .50in seam allowance). 

6. Fold the top over to about 1 inch for the cord and sew all around. Make sure you leave a small opening so that you can thread the cord through.

7. When done sewing turn the fabric over so that you the nice embroidery part is visible and thread your cord through the opening. 

measuring tape and thread



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