cotopaxi 10 k race

Cotopaxi 5k and 10k Race in Alta

cotopaxi 5k racers

Sponsored by Cotopaxi

This weekend I was in Utah and went to Alta for the 5 and 10K Cotopaxi race in Alta. Cotopaxi creates amazing outdoor gear that gives back to humanity. Products are sold directly online, and a portion of sale profits is given to poverty-stricken areas of the world.

cotopaxi race in alta 

The course began on a wide trail for the first 2.5 kilometers. It inclined 800 feet past mountain streams along a dirt path with occasional loose gravel. The next 2.5 kilometers transitioned to a single track with 500 additional feet of gain. The track leads you across an area that opens to vistas at the top of Devil’s Castle Loop. A gradual 2.5k descent follows, taking you through mountain meadows dotted with wildflowers. The final highly forested 2.5k opens between kilometers 8 and 9 onto sweeping views of Albion Basin, then transitions to a steep forested descent that ends at the Alta resort.

cotopaxi 10k run

We were at the mountain at 7 am and the drive up the canyon breathing in the fresh air was just invigorating. It was a gorgeous day and great to see such a great turn out. When Cotopaxi announced the winners for the race, my son in law was among them and won a beautiful jacket, which made the whole day even more special. My son in law was so excited to have placed first place in his age group. My daughter and I were excited for him as well because at an 8530' elevation, running up a mountain is not an easy task. 

cotopaxi gear

Cotopaxi makes men and women apparel, backpacks and many other good looking items for active people. I picked some of my favorites to show you. 


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