Check out which one of my Blog Subscribers has won a free portrait

Check out which one of my Blog Subscribers has won a free portrait

win a free portrait

Each month I hold a raffle and select one winner from a list of people who have subscribed to my weekly newsletter. Ones the winner is selected an email is sent out and the winner is given information on how to claim the free hand painted digital portrait or painting. It is a wonderful way to introduce this new painting medium to my blog readers and show them the many possibilities of digital art. 

I have been painting traditional oil portraits since 1999 and I am amazed at the way this medium allows me to create digital paintings that look so much like an oil painting. This process allows me to go even one step further and be even more creative by using different textures and incorporating very interesting backdrops to create a whole new series of portraits and painting. I love to introduce you to this new medium and thank you for being a subscriber to the newsletter.

Tell your friends Subscriber to can win a free hand painted Digital Painting!
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Congratulations to this Month's Winner 

portrait winner

How to claim your free Digital Portrait/Painting

  1. Click here to submit your photos & tell me what you like to have painted 
  2. Visit the Portraits by NC website and scroll down to follow along as I paint your artwork
  3. Approve the finished painting and receive the high res. JPG file via email
  4. Upload your digital painting and print the custom made image on your home printer or send it to any print on demand center and have it printed on canvas

What is a Digital Portrait / Painting?

Digital Portraits

  • Just another tool to create unique looking art with
  • Digital Art is created with a stylus and the latest painting software
  • Variety of mediums can be used in one painting for special effects
  • Less wait time to get your artwork - great for last-minute gift giving
  • Digital Paintings are emailed as a high-resolution JPG file for easy upload
  • Print your artwork locally in any size and on any surface texture
  • Cost less than an oil painting
  • Get the look of an Oil Paintings without the tactile surface texture

        Some of my Digital Paintings


Cindy Doti

"The detail on this piece in incredible! I absolutely, love,love,love this!"

Jamie Didit

"I just love this portrait of my little guy. I loved it so much I purchased another of my nephew."

Terri Beartaz

"Talented beyond measure! Had her do a portrait of my daughter's pit bull, she loves it!"

Prefer a

We can print your Digital Portrait for you





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