Berlin Bear and Haberling Transporte GMBH

Welcome to Berlin Teddy Bear, White Back Poster

Welcome to Berlin Teddy Bear, White Back Poster


I have landed in Berlin and was a bit amused to see these rather funky looking bears that the people here seem to adore. I got this image off Flickr, since I am having a bit of trouble uploading my own photos. This will have to wait until I am back in the States.

Today I got to tour the grounds of Haberling Transporte, owner-manged moving and storage company founded in 1907.


Haberling GMBH


Mr. Dieter Kress the founder gave a wonderful tour of his facility which was absolutely huge. My favorite part though was seeing super old photographs from 1907 that showed how a moving company would move things in horse drawn carriages. There were several old vehicles on the grounds which where promptly photographed by me.

IMG_0051.jpg IMG_0050.jpg

For a special anniversary commemoration the company founder also purchased one of the famous Berliner BÄR 'Bear of Berlin'.


If interested here is a pictorial history how Haberling started

Haberling Photo Slide Show

. Click on Chronicle, it's worth a look for anyone interested in history.