Being in Oneness Book

Being In Oneness Book Review

Being in Oneness Book Review

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What does it mean to be happy? Finding happiness might mean something very different from one person to another, but we humans really don't need that much to achieve a state of happiness if we just know what steps to take to get us there. This little book Being In Oneness by Mr Suresh Purushothaman strives to take the notion of the impossible and guide you by the hand to what is undeniably possible within your life. The book is filled with short inspiring quotes that are uplifting and empowering. I like the quotes so much that I have made it a point to read a different quote for affirmation each evening before going to sleep.

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“From a moment of clarity to a lifetime of inspiration, each positive affirmation and uplifting quote will soothe your sometimes troubled mind and open your weary heart to infinite possibilities and a wealth of happiness to come. See beyond all that ails you, and embrace what life has to offer.”
— Suresh Purushothaman

 I truly believe in seeing the glass half full, rather than half empty and refuse to let negativity enter my mind. This book will guide you on how to achieve such a state of mind.

The author advises to seek knowledge beyond your current state, and allow joy and gratitude to seep in and fill whatever voids may be in your life. Pondering on what was, does not get you out of a rut. Let go of the past, and follow the path of a new journey of a positive mindset and see where it will lead you to. Allow life's stressors and troubles to slide off your shoulders, and welcome tranquillity and happiness in their place. Stress only leads to sickness and an unhappy life and reading this book will show you that changing your state of mind is the first step in taking charge of your stress levels on the path to a happier life. I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I have. 

beiing in oneness book

 Being In Oneness: for a happier life and meaningful living $10.99 By Mr. Suresh Purushothaman

If you end up ordering and reading the book, please join me and vote for the author. He needs 1000 votes to get his little book published. 

“I received this ebook as part of a review for my unbiased opinion. ”
— Enzie
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