Margit Gieszer Doll

Beautiful Porcelain Dolls by Margit Gieszer

bru by margit gieszer

Art comes in many forms and I like to share my love for Margit Gieszer Porcelain Dolls. Margit has won numerous awards for her beautiful dolls and teaches her craft in small workshops that are highly personalized. I am a huge fan of the French "Bru" dolls, with their little pouty looking faces and soul foul eyes.

bru doll by margit gieszer

Margit not only captures beautiful expressions but even creates the stunning wardrobe for her dolls. She is a true master and one of these days, I will need to get myself to Austria and attend one of her workshops!

Porcelain dolls by Margit Gieszer

Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era because I am inexplicitly drawn to old things.


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