Back home again!

Greuse (by Portrait Artist - Enzie Shahmiri)

June and July were very hectic for me, so much happened that I decided to stop blogging and just go with the flow. It all started with my trip to Washington DC, followed by a bout of Salmonella poisoning and a daring trip to Europe, while still recovering. I found myself on planes, in trains, automobiles, carriages and a ferry. A boat ride was scheduled as well, but it got canceled due to rain! I danced the night away at my cousins wedding, visited a European Flea Markets and found some true gems. Played tour guide, saw were my grandpa (an opera singer) performed prior to World War II and saw so many beautiful things in museums in Dresden that it's going to be hard to choose what to write about.

All and all the life on the road was filled with excitement and I now find myself facing tons of chores that have been neglected while I was trekking through Germany. Once I am back in full swing I will share lots of photos and tell all! But for now I have to clean house and do a little catch up with my family and friends.