Bun Styles

6 Piece Hair Bun Pack by Mayshop

Bun Styles

Sponsored by Mayshop

I love putting my hair up in buns and playing around with different hairstyles. I Received this big 6piece pack for review purposes from Amazon and have been having fun experimenting with different hairstyles.

6 Piece Hair Bun Pack by Mayshop


The wraps are made with synthetic hair and have some sort of spring material that flexes.

How to use it :

1.Tie a ponytail at first.

2.Put your ponytail into the sponge gap.

3.Move the durable shaper until the tail of your hair.

4.Roll up with the shaper to the top then buckle.

bun maker colors

There are 6 colors from blonde to black. I am a brunette so I am going to gift the colors I have no use for to my friends, since this is such a great item to have. 

bun maker

The set even comes with this leaf hair chain, which is cute too. You can even use the bun makers to hold your pony tail in place, which I like as well. 

bun maker variety pack

I have to admit it took me several tries to get used to how to make the perfect bun. Just watch this video and you see how easy it is.

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