Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 Review

Withings Smart Scale

Withings Smart Scale

If you are one of my blog followers, you might know that I am on a quest to change my lifestyle and get fit. I started out by signing up for the Selvera Weight Management Program and have been tracking my weight loss using the Withings Scale. I am so amazed by my new Withings scale that I wanted to share a review about it. 

The Withings Scale is so much more than just a sleek looking scale. It is a smart body analyzer that measures weight, body composition (also know as BMI), heart rate and even the air quality of the room you sleep in. 

The scale is sold in two colors, black and white and has a very sharp, modern design. Even for someone like me who seems to need glasses to read just about anything, the scale offers an easy to read readout. 

The scale uses Wi-fi to connect to Android, and iOS app interfaces with wireless syncing. When you step on the scale it will give you your weight in lbs or kilograms depending on your set up. Then it measuresd lean mass, fat mass, BMI and gives you a read out of your heart rate. I wonder if anyone has seen a heart rate increase once they realized exactly how much they weigh when they stepped on the 1st time on the scale! Moving on - the scale then lets you know the air quality of the room you slept in. Unless you are sleeping in a coal mine, I am not sure how useful that last feature is, but I guess there must be a reason for adding it. 

The scale is made of tempered glass, which is good if you happen to have the urge to kick the scale around in those moments you find yourself unhappy with your weight loss progress. I am talking from experience, when you plateau it's tempting to take out your frustration at the scale. Good news, you can get angry and the scale will not break into shards. Although I don't advise kicking it, it's so pretty! 

Let's talk about set up. 

The Withings scale connects to you WiFi router just like any other wireless device. When setting it up it's best to place the scale on a stable flat surface. You should not move the scale while going through the set up process. If you are placing the scale on carpet use the feet extenders. 

First using your Iphone or Ipad or computer create a Withings account. You will be asked for your email and a password. After clicking install my scale the pairing wizard installs and syncs. That's it super duper easy! Then it's time to create a user profile ( you can have more than one). Following the instructions its a series of stepping on and off the scale to weigh in and the rest is handled magically through your wireless connection. The scale is not recommended for people with pacemakers and pregnant women might not get a correct BMI read out, other than that it works like a charm!

Remember I mentioned it's a smart scale. Well that's because you can send your information wirelessly to Apps like the Withings App (yes- they have their own), Runkeeper , My Fitness Pal and a couple of others, which is a real nice added feature. 

“This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Withings. I use and like the Withings Scale so much that I wanted to share my opinions about it. ”

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