Tweezer Set by Marks Gouger

Tweezer Set by Marks Gouger #ad

Tweezer Set by Marks Gouger #ad

I am a firm believer that the right tools can make a world of difference. Nothing annoys me more than using tweezers that don't properly grip. Tweezers are part of my make up bag to keep eyebrows looking flawless and ingrown hairs in control. But good tweezers also come in handy when you try to apply fake eyelashes, repair jewellery, reset your wireless router and remove splinters. So many uses for such an unassuming tool!

Revitalize your beauty ritual with the most classic and elegant Tweezer Set from Marks Gouger. This pretty Tweezers Kit by Marks Gouger features the slanted, straight and pointed tweezers in protective black leatherette travel case. Each tweezer has perfectly aligned hand-filed tips making the tweezers close evenly and firmly, creating the cleanest, most advanced pulling power.

What's impressive is that the manufacturer offers a  lifetime guarantte and they come with a free replacement guarantee as well.


Slant tip tweezers have an angled edge and are great for plucking eyebrows. These are the classic style tweezers and are used to shape eyebrows into form.

Pointed tip tweezers have very pointy, sharp-looking tips. Sometimes called needle tweezers. These are the best for first aid and removing extra-fine hairs, ingrowns, and splinters.

The tweezer set comes in a black case that nicely protects the tips of the tweezers. I also like that each tweezer has a different color - red, black and white, which makes it easy to pull out the right tweezer when needed. 

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Daily Beauty Control Tweezers Set Of Three - Black Slanted, White Straight and Red Pointed with case - Best Precision for Eyebrow Threading, Ingrown Hair Treatment, Splinters & other Grooming Rituals $11.99 $49.00

I received the tweezer set for review purposes in exchange for my unbiased opinion and give these tweezers a thumbs up. They really work very well. 


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